Fairport Odyssey of the Mind

Five teams from Fairport schools have advanced to the World Finals of Odyssey of the Mind, the largest contingent from a Monroe County district.    The competition is set for May 24-27 at Michigan State University.

“We are so proud of Fairport students who are excelling in the Odyssey of the Mind program,” said Crista Deniz, program coordinator. This is the fourth consecutive year Fairport teams have advanced to the World Finals, which includes the competition as well as opportunities to meet youths from more than 20 countries.

Odyssey of the Mind is a team-based, creative problem-solving program for students from kindergarten through college. Teams are challenged to devise innovative and creative solutions to problems that range from building mechanical devices to presenting their own interpretation of literary classics. They develop their own costumes, scripts, and props without any outside assistance from coaches, parents, or non-team members, and present their solutions through an 8-minute skit. 

The program is supported by Fairport schools and its parent teacher organizations.  Fairport Odyssey of the Mind is raising funds to cover the costs of traveling to and participating in the pinnacle of the competition at: https://www.gofundme.com/fairport-om.  There are a variety of other fundraisers in the community listed on the Events page.

Teams representing Fairport include:

Brooks Hill School "Catch Us If You Can":  James Christensen, Ruth Christensen, Hannah Fleming, Tyler Fleming, Evan Pacer, Veronica Talma and Leanne Talma. The team is returning for its second visit to the World Finals. Lisa Christensen and Melissa Talma are coaches.

Brooks Hill School "Superhero Cliffhanger": Teagan Bye, Maribel Cardona, Gabe Foster, Libby Joy, Bridget Laurence and Sophie Mulconry. Dana Cardona, Sarah Joy and Janelle Foster are their coaches.

Northside School "It's Time, OMER": Maya Allen, Owen Carter, Olivia Finkbeiner, Jack Flaherty, Grace Pepper, Elise Westrich and Luke Zinger. Amanda Allen is their coach.

Johanna Perrin Middle School "Odd-a-Bot": Leo Allen, Greg Herdzik, Ryan Hoff, Henry Maier, Alex Moczarski, Claire Westrich and Alex White.  Allen, Herdzik, Moczarski and White are returning to the World Finals for the fourth time.  Amanda Allen and Kevin Westrich are their coaches.   

Martha Brown Middle School "It's Time, OMER": Ben Ludwig, Aiden Frederick, Hayden Gregory, Will Gregory, Harrison Lutzer, Justin Koplinka and Sammy Stringer. Sherry Frederick and Lea Ludwig are the coaches. 


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