Fairport Odyssey of the Mind

Fairport Odyssey of the Mind teams made our hometown proud with their World Finals performances! Five teams competed against 50-70 teams in each division.

Brooks Hill Problem 5 put on a terrific performance that was thoroughly enjoyed by all the spectators, and placed 21st.

Brooks Hill Problem 1 team got all three vehicles working during the performance -- something most teams were unable to do successfully -- and finished 14th.

Martha Brown team members performed smoothly and with poise and finished in 16th. Their amazing sculptures are returning to Fairport and worth asking to see.

Johanna Perrin team members handled some technical difficulties on stage and used some funny ad libbing to receive full credit for their robot actions. They wowwed the judges and finished first in Spontaneous portion of the competition. It was a hands-on problem and they received all of the objective points and probably more creativity/teamwork than anyone else. The team finished 9th overall, their highest finish yet! This team consists of four returning members and three new. They switched from the structure to the robot problem for a greater challenge and were up to the task

Northside's skit was entertaining as always. The judges appreciated their artwork, humor and backdrop. They also nailed the Spontaneous portion, getting all the objective points in their hands-on problem and finishing with a score of 98.5/100. They finished 7th overall!

Kids in the entire Fairport contingent are rightfully proud.

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