Fairport Odyssey of the Mind

21 teams represented Fairport with record-breaking talent and teamwork at the Region 14 Odyssey of the Mind tournament on Saturday. 15 of these teams were in the competitive divisions (grades 3 and up) while 6 performed skist in the non-competitive primary problem (grades K-2).

Of the 15 competing teams, 8 will advance to the state tournement to be held April 7 in Binghamton.  This is a record number of state teams for Fairport! Almost half of the top Spontaneous and Style scores were won by Fairport teams.  

Teams participating in the Region 14 tournament hail from all 7 of Fairport's schools: Brooks Hill (5 teams), Jefferson Avenue (2 teams), Northside/Dudley (6 teams), Martha Brown (2 teams), Johanna Perrin (2 teams), Minerva Deland (1 team), and Fairport High School (3 teams).

The following teams will compete at the NY State Finals Tournament:

  • Brooks Hill - Vehicle Problem: "Triathlon Travels"
  • Brooks Hill - Performance Problem: "Stellar Hangout"
  • Brooks Hill - Structure Problem: "Animal House"
  • Johanna Perrin - Performance Problem: "Stellar Hangout"
  • Johanna Perrin - Structure Problem: "Animal House"
  • Martha Brown - Performance Problem: "Stellar Hangout"
  • Martha Brown - Classics Problem: "Mockumentary! Seriously?"
  • Fairport High School - Technical Performance: "Emoji, Speak for Yourself"

In addition, the following teams were recognized as runners-up:

  • Northside School - Performance Problem: "Stellar Hangout"
  • Fairport High School - Performance Problem: "Stellar Hangout"
  • Minerva Deland - Classics Problem: "Mockumentary! Seriously?"
  • Fairport High School - Classics Problem: "Mockumentary! Seriously?"
  • Northside School - Classics Problem: "Mockumentary! Seriously?"
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