Fairport Odyssey of the Mind

Fairport teams won top honors in 7 of the 16 divisions at the Region 14 tournament on March 2.  A record nine Fairport teams will advance to the State tournament on March 23.  They are:

Johanna Perrin "OMER to the Rescue Again" - 1st place and Renatra Fusca for outstanding creativity

Brooks Hill "Hide in Plain Sight" - 1st place

Fairport High School "Hide in Plain Sight" - 1st place

Johanna Perrin "Leonardo's Workshop" - 1st place

Fairport High School "Leonardo's Workshop" - 1st place

Northside "Structure Toss" - 1st place

Brooks Hill "Structure Toss" - 2nd place

Martha Brown "Opposites Distract" - 2nd place

Minerva Deland "Opposites Distract" - 1st place

In addition, a 2nd place trophy was won by Northside in "Opposites Distract".  Jefferson Ave won 5th place ribbons in "Opposites Distract" and Johanna Perrin finished 9th in "Hide in Plain Sight".

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