Both of Fairport's World Finalist teams will be performing in the second slot of their respective competitions. 

The lucky time is Thursday, May 26 at 10:18am Central Time (11:18am Eastern Time).  This is when each team will present the solutions they've been working on since September.  Each team's presentation takes the form of a team-created 8-minute skit containing required engineering and artistic elements.

The Brooks Hill team has been working on the "Something Fishy" problem, which requires three technical fishing methods to retreive creative catches from varying distances.  The performance also had to include a humorous character that alludes being caught, and a change of weather.

The Johanna Perrin team tackled the structure problem, so their performance will center around stacking weights on a team-designed and team-built balsa wood structure.  It weighs only as much as three sheets of paper but is expected to hold almost 1,000 pounds of weights -- all of which are stacked on the structure during a performance about overcoming an obstacle through repetitive action.

On Friday, May 27, the teams will compete in the second part of the competition, which requires them to give a creative solution to an on-the-spot problem which they will not know ahead of time.  This portion of the competition, called "Spontaneous", is not viewable by the public.

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